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4 Areas of expertise                                

Intellectual capital
Applied knowledge management
Change management
Risk assessment
News- Areopa                                                
Areopa is developing an exciting programme of work for 2014. Please check back here often to see our latest news.
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Areopa works in partnership  inside with experienced consultants and academics and outside with third party consultanty providers in change management, knowledge management, intellectual capital accounting and risk assessment.
Mindcrossing Services                                  
Areopa's sister organisation will help you implement Areopa's unique products in your organisation. Please click here(link to Mindscrossing site) to find out more.

Areopa is a knowledge provider offering quality solutions and services in the areas of change management, knowledge and training management, intellectual capital accounting and risk assessment. We position ourselves as a partner for our customers supporting their business critical activities with powerful and reliable applications.
We invested in developing methods, methodologies and tools that allow to exactly define the user requirements and manage these requirements throughout the total lifecycle of a project. This is a key factor in successfully delivering projects.
Our customers are traditionally key players in the industry, financial market, services sector and public bodies. However in 2014 watch this website for our new products and approaches for small and medium businesses delivered through Areopa’s Intellectual Capital Centres.