Today’s business landscape is Darwinian! In these times of economic volatility, competitors are moving at lightning speed.  They are agile and highly innovative. Their products and services get quickly upgraded, changed or even eliminated through constant continuous improvement initiatives.

Those organizations that identify new opportunities and take quick actions to capture them are the ones surviving. Those who learn to make successful change implementation happen are doing it over and over and they are thriving. In other words, organizations must learn how to change and treat these 4 key change components as their number one mission-critical discipline for change. The winners and losers of today’s global competition are determined by one common factor and that factor is Change.

The most successful organizations and leaders are not fearful about making changes because they are always change ready.  They have the skills as well as these main components required to drive and execute any successful change. It’s known that successful change implementation only happens through possessing change management skills and the rudimentary know-how of change implementation. These two things in organizations increase the likelihood of quick innovation and transition success rate by up to 49%.

A change ready organization embraces these cultural norms and displays these characteristics:

  • Have a team of change agents, champions and cheer leaders
  • Supports employees involvement at all levels
  • Engages in constant incremental changes
  • Rewards creativity and risk taking
  • Allows failure and learns from it
  • Promotes collaborations, partnering and team work
  • Links the present to the future
  • Embraces change
  • Celebrate change


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