Knowledge has to be captured and used in order to create money.

Applied Knowledge Management

Models and Tools

  • 12 Knowledge Model
  • Areopa’s Applied Knowledge Management Models
  • Areopa’s Business processes as the knowledge management framework
  • Areopa’s Identifying Key Knowledge Carriers Methodology
  • Areopa’s Knowledge Excelleration Model
  • Areopa’s Data Collection Methodology
  • Template Reports for Application Advice
  • Expert Opinions
  • Latest Thinking by the way of White Papers and data sheets
  • A range of Presenatations on Applied Knowledge Management
  • Tools for Capturing Tacit Knowledge
  • Making Knowledge Reusable Tool and Methodology


  • Linking Applied Knowledge Management to increased value in the Organization

Application Areas

  • Identification of Business Processes and how to use process driven change to identify new application areas.

Training in

  • Identify cost of Knowledge
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis of Knowledge Management
  • Data Collection Methods and Presentation reports to report the value of applied knowledge management to the organization
  • Assessment of performance & leverages
  • All models and tools
  • Updates on a regular basis by coaching or events