Our Shamrock Organization

Areopa proved to the outside world that other organization structures could work perfectly, so we invented the “shamrock organization“ (inspired by Charles Handy’s  brainwaves) and made a fully functional organisation from it.

  • Yes we are special. Some say that we are the organization structure of the future. Then we answer that we have already 27 years of experience with our new organization.
  • Yes, we are innovative. We have to be, because as organization development specialists, we should not use the organization structures that we criticize.
  • Yes, we can prove that it works. Today we are working throughout the world via strategic alliance channels, and we have a lot of ambition.
  • Imagine universities and governmental organizations on the stock exchange. Imagine that a knowledge company is valued more than General Electric.
  • We want to make a footprint in the knowledge economy. We want to do things that nobody did before.
  • We want to be recognized as the company that created a quantum leap in the world economical order.”

And of course it hasn’t been easy. We had our “up and downs” but we learned our lessons out of the failures we had. It was even the basis of a membership of the “institute of brilliant failures”. 

Today we have a strong organizational culture, there is no place for opportunism or leaning back and expecting that all will happen by itself. We are an organization of entrepreneurs who want to combine the advantages of being independent and the advantages a large organization eliminating the disadvantages of each status. That mixture of respecting the independence of each of us with the need to help grow the organisation is what makes the Shamrock special.